Calhoun County Gets All Digital News Outlet!

Yes, folks, we're digital! Calhoun Ledger is Calhoun County’s very own online and social media based news and information outlet! Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a web presence we serve the citizens of Calhoun County with news and information that is relevant to US as it happens.

So, why websites and social media rather than print?

A 2016 Pew Research survey shows that 39% of U.S. adults look to on-line sources and social networking to get their news and information. It is an even larger percentage, nearly half, of U.S. adults ages 18-49 years old who use these outlets for the same purposes.

And the trend is growing.

Audience trends are declining in print media and in television broadcast viewership There is a significant rise in using websites and social media to get current and relevant news. This ever growing trend toward digital media has nearly limitless possibilities to be used for good and in serving our community.

Did you know that crimes are being solved in Calhoun County and surrounding areas using the power of social media. Imagine what can be done to serve, inform, and protect our residents through these powerful tools!

Launching this outlet is so important and exciting for us as we have an ever broadening vision for the service we can provide. Our hope is to earn your trust, to build partnerships with you, and become your source for community news!

We give you our thanks, in advance, for your viewership. We sincerely desire to be YOUR source for news and information.

Contact us with any concerns or comments you have.

Whether its about our media presence or happenings around the county. We're here for you!

Sherry Burton is the Owner/Editor of Calhoun Ledger. She lives with her husband, Charles, in the Horses Neck Community.

You can read more about Sherry on the About page of this website.

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