Calhoun Country Club: Addressing The County Council

Residents are always welcome to attend the Calhoun County Council meetings and, in most instances, address the Council.

The Calhoun County Council meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 5:30p.m.

The location of these meetings are in the Council Chambers at:

Courthouse Annex

102 Courthouse Drive

Courthouse Annex

St. Matthews, SC 29135

Telephone: (803) 874-2435

Fax: (803) 874-1242

To be added to the meeting agenda so you can address the Council contact Vickie Stoudemire, Clerk to Council, by noon on the Thursday before the meeting. She can be reached at the phone number listed above.

A time limit is imposed on each speaker and, in the case of a large group, a representative speaker must be appointed to represent the group/issue. Mrs. Stoudemire will give you the rules when you call to be placed on the agenda.

The Council agenda is generally published to the Calhoun County Website/Home page by close of business the Friday before the meeting.

The Calhoun Country Club purchase/lease proposal will probably not be addressed until May to allow the County Administrator, Mr. Lee Prickett and his staff time to negotiate terms of acquisition and put together the packet to present to the Council.

There will be three readings and a public hearing on this issue. The public hearing is usually held on the same day as the third reading but, by law, can be held on the day of the second reading.

As soon as information on the readings and hearing become available I will let you know. Notice of the public hearing will be published in Calhoun Times as prescribed by law.

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