County Council Meeting - Notes

Today's Calhoun County Council meeting saw a number of items addressed. Of the more notable:

Shawn Garrett was appointed to the Rural Fire District Commission from the Jumper Station Department (Resolution 7-2017) and John Papinchak was re-appointed to the Assessment appeals Board from District 3.

Deputy Administrator, Ted Felder, shared with the council that a new mail collection box would soon be installed at the Sandy Run Government Center by the United States Postal Service (USPS). The Sandy Run community is encouraged to use this drop-off location as much as possible. The USPS will monitor its use to determine if the drop-off box will remain in place or, if usage is high enough, to consider a new zip code or full service post office in the Sandy Run area.

Calhoun County will participate in South Carolina Industry Appreciation Day by holding the 2nd annual Calhoun County Industry Appreciation Golf Tournament at the Calhoun Country Club on Friday, May 12, starting with breakfast at 8:00 a.m. It was a successful event last year and turn-out is expected to be even greater this year. It is the perfect opportunity to give a big "Thank you" to the industries that are vital to our county's economic success.

Vice-chairman James Haigler (District 5) and Councilman Ken Westbury (District 2) were appointed to committee with the focus of eliminating items from the John Ford Community Center Phase II project to bring costs within budget.

The Council voted unanimously to support the Appreciation Dinner for Volunteer Firemen. This dinner will have an estimated cost of $2000. A small price to say "Thank you" to these brave firefighters!

Electronic water meters will find their way on the Fort Motte/Belleville water system at an estimated cost of $115,000 and will be paid from the Water Department construction budget.

Ordinance 2016-16 An ordinance to amend the Calhoun County Code of Ordinances Section 78-64 et al, sewer service, to require and adopt a wastewater pre-treatment program. The Third Reading is on hold pending SCDHEC Comments.

Ordinance 2017-4 An ordinance to amend ordinance 2016-3 to increase water and wastewater rates for the Calhoun county Municipal Water and wastewater Systems and to eliminate special wastewater rates based on estimated flows. The First Reading - passed. If passed at final reading the proposed water rates will be brought in-line with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) suggested rates.

Information on the Calhoun Country Club Golf Course Readings and Public Hearing will be submitted under separate post in a few days. I need clarification on some items before I post.

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