Battle at Congaree Creek Living History Civil War Reenactment This Weekend, May 6-7.

The Battle at Congaree Creek was a four hour skirmish between the Confederate States of America and the United States in Cayce, SC. The battle was fought on 15 February 1865, and two days later Union General Sherman advanced to Columbia.

The reenactment by the same name is held each year on The Culler's Farm in Sandy Run at 1215 Valley Ridge Rd (Gaston, South Carolina 29053). Its three days of living history fun for the whole family.

Friday's are living history education days for school students to learn from re-enactors how the common foot soldier lived, his accoutrements, how many rounds per minute the average soldier could fire, how to load and fire a musket, accuracy of their musket: the procedure in firing a cannon, what types of shells were used and their particular purpose, role of artillery in the war: ladies' period attire from every day wear to ball gowns and widow's weeds: the importance of having a blacksmith with the army: riding skills needed, weapons used, how to load a musket while riding, role of cavalry in the war: and many other period lessons.

The schedules for Saturday and Sunday are:


9:00 am: Camps Open to Public

9:30 am: Colors

10:00 am: Drill & Inspections

11:00 am: Ladies Tea

12:00 pm: Lunch

4:00 pm: Battle


9:00 am: Camps Open to Public

9:30 am: Colors

10:30 am: Period Church Service

12:00 pm: Lunch

2:00 pm: Battle

Bring your family and watch history come to life!

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