911 Community Day Showcases Calhoun County's Emergency Response Personnel and Equipment

We often times give little thought to the people who provide the emergency services in our community; that is, not until we need them. These men and women give so much and ask for so little; working tirelessly and often without a word of thanks.

My son is a paramedic in a neighboring county. I have often seen the pain in his eyes and heard the crack in his voice after a particularly difficult day. I imagine that the emergency workers in Calhoun County aren't much different. They see the same things, feel the same way, and still, shift-after-shift they don their uniform and report for duty.

I can see in my mind a typical day in the lives of these folks and their families:

Giving her LEO husband a kiss and hug as he heads to work, a fleeting sense of worry crosses the LEO wife's brow and she pushes the "whatifs" far from her thoughts.

A fireman hugs his children as he runs out the door to respond to another call hoping that no one is inside the burning home.

A highway patrol officer stops an aggressive driver speeding down the interstate. Did he prevent an accident on further down the road?

The dispatcher is monitoring LEO communications for a crime scene where the suspect is still at large. He needs to be attentive. A LEO may only be able to give one call for help. If the dispatcher misses the call.................

Or what about the accident last week on I-26, mm136 with double entrapment. Nearly all of Calhoun County's assets were represented at that scene. Both occupants of the vehicle were extracted and transported to a trauma center. Without the training each emergency worker had, that accident could have easily seen two body bags instead.

The 911 Community Day gives us a chance to meet some of these people and see the equipment used to protect and preserve life and property in Calhoun County. We meet our neighbors who are serving in these emergency roles. We see the equipment our tax dollars buy. We have lower home owner's insurance premiums when a fire station has the right equipment and the right ISO ratings. We develop friendships with some super nice people!

My hope is to see many more of our county's residents at future events because these 911 folks deserve our support! After all, they are part of us!

And we don't need to wait until the next event to say, "Thank you!" We can show our appreciation every day!

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