Calhoun County Industry Appreciation Day

Friday, May 12, was Calhoun County Industry Appreciation Day; a day set aside to recognize and show appreciation to the industries that contribute significantly to the county's economic development.

Mr. Pat Black, Jr., of the Calhoun County Development Commission and Calhoun County Representative to South Carolina Economic Developers' Association, welcomed the attendees just before the golf tournament began and encouraged them to get to know each other during the event and after. " might even want to set-up a luncheon date in the next week or two and find out a little more about it [business]. When we get people together something good usually happens from it, " said Mr. Black.

Mr. G. Michael Briggs, of the Central SC Alliance, and also a Calhoun County Representative to South Carolina Economic Developers' Association, greeted the golfers before the event as well.

SC Representative Russell Ott (D), District 93, was also present and received a warm round of applause from the attendees.

Calhoun County Councilman Ken Westbury, District 2, was unable to golf but attended part of the golf-outing and was there for the lunch as well.

A number of companies were represented at the Calhoun County Industry Appreciation Day which was held at The Calhoun Country Club. Folks were treated to breakfast, a round of golf, lunch, door prizes and plenty of opportunities to fellowship with one another.

Golf Teams

And a special thanks to those businesses which sponsored this event:


And much appreciation was given to the three "workhorses" which made this event happen:

Vickie Stoudemire, Clerk to Council

Cindy Haigler, Administrative Assistant

Brandy Roberson, Human Resource Director

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