Calhoun County Firefighters' Appreciation Dinner

The Calhoun County Firefighters' Appreciation Dinner was held May 25, 2017, at John Ford Community Center. Each fire station was recognized for their contribution to the communities they serve and to their exceptional teamwork when called upon to support other stations.

It was pointed out that Caw Caw VFD handled over 400 calls last year; more than many fire departments staffed with career(paid) firefighters handle in a year. Math was never my strong suit but I think that means they ran more than one call on some of those days!

Most of our county's firefighters are volunteers. Volunteers that understand the needs of the communities in which they live. Volunteers who step up and just do the job. And they do that job alongside their paid counterparts. No grumbling about it. They just do it!

A dinner and a plaque seem such small tokens for all these men and women do. Now I'm not down playing the plaque or the meal. Its always nice to have something to look at that reminds you that you are appreciated. And that dinner was FANTASTIC!

But firefighters, they give a lot and ask for very little in return. Their reward is often in saving the structure or a life. No matter if its the person rushing into the smoldering building or the one who drives the tanker or the one who preps the engine when it returns to the station so it will be ready for the next call; their desire is to serve and serve well.

So, the next time you see a firefighter shake their hand and say, "Thanks!"

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