Sheriff's Corner: Summer Safety

Summer is finally here! Many of us will take advantage of the sunny weather to do outdoor projects, or take our families on a vacation.

For criminals and predators, however, they are not planning the vacation. They are planning their next target, so make sure you don’t give them one.

It can be easy to forget to close a door or window, but if they are left open it creates an easy opportunity for a burglar. Garage doors, in particular, are regularly used by criminals to gain access to a home during the warmer months. Criminals may steal items from the garage itself, which usually contain tools and other valuable belongings.

Some criminals will work together during the summer months. One will come to your door and distract you, while another sneaks into your garage, back yard or home to take whatever they can. Be suspicious of anyone who approaches your front door and don’t let them take up too much of your time. If you have an uneasy feeling, call my office immediately so that we can respond to make sure they are there for legitimate reasons.

If you leave for even a short vacation, it is a good idea to have friends or family keep a watchful eye on your property. You can also contact my office so that we can place your home on our residential property check program so that our presence at your home will help deter criminal activity from taking place.

Most importantly, be observant and vigilant. Report anything that appears suspicious in your neighborhood to the Sheriff’s Office. My deputies and I can certainly accomplish more when we are armed with information from you!

Have a Safe and Happy Summer!

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