Calhoun County Lands Grants Totaling Nearly $590,000

Ted Felder, Deputy Administrator for Calhoun County, presented to the Calhoun County Council at the June 5th meeting information on three grants awarded to the county in May. The grants totaled nearly $590,000.

Here is a breakdown of the grant funds and their intended uses:

FY2018 DHEC Recycling Grants: Each year the county applies to DHEC through the Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority for grant funding for items related to waste, recycling, tires, oil and the like. $79,225 in funds have been awarded to Calhoun County for FY2018. The funds are broken down into three categories and are detailed in Table 1, below:

DHEC Mosquito Control Sub-recipient Grant Funding: SCDHEC awarded Calhoun County grant funding to aid in controlling both mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases. The amount is $10,469 and includes $5330 for mosquito control equipment, $5009 for insecticides and $130 for training (Table 2).

Rural Infrastructure Authority - Economic Infrastructure Grant: A $500,000 grant has been awarded to Calhoun County for installation of a new service well in the Sandy Run Water System and to extend and upgrade the water line from Bellinger Road to the Sandy Run Fire Department on Old Sandy Run Road. This project is extremely important to the service of existing customers on the Sandy Run system and for ensuring the county has capacity for expected future growth in this region. The county’s $348,830 match brings the total available for the project to $848,830.00.

A key contributing factor to the grant approval was the strong project narrative submitted by County Administration with significant input by Councilman John Nelson who represents District 3 which includes the Sandy Run area.

Each of these grants provide much needed financial support to Calhoun County. Remember to thank your councilmen and administrators for all the hard work they do to support county needs in the most economical fashion.

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