Total Eclipse Fest 2017!

Come join in the fun, education, and fellowship as we watch the total solar eclipse from within the path of totality!

Calhoun County is hosting this fest to provide eclipse viewers a prime viewing location as well as fun crafts, food, and other items (grab some solar eclipse viewing glasses at the fest)! It is estimated that the next total solar eclipse that can be viewed from St. Matthews will be in about 360 years! So, don't miss this one!

A total solar eclipse happens somewhere on earth about every 18 months. But it is approximately 360 years before it occurs again in the same place. Its a very technical series of mathematical gyrations based on the work of Claudius Ptolemy (around A.D.150) that are used to calculate this. If mathematics and astronomy are your thing here's a link with an interesting explanation:

The 2017 solar eclipse will traverse the United States from the coast of Oregon to the coast of South Carolina in about 94 minutes. The approximately 60 mile wide path of totality will display the eclipse best at the center of the path where totality will be visible for about two and one-half minutes. The outer edges of the 60-mile wide band will see as little as a few seconds. Totality will arrive in St Matthews about 2:43pm, lasting about 2 minutes and 36 seconds, and will leave the United States nearly five minutes later.

There are at least 100 million Americans in the Atlantic Seaboard and Florida. South Carolina is expected to have between 547,000 and 2,188,000 people travel to the path of totality! The Midlands area will be a significant destination for the eclipse because it will be the nearest spot within the path of totality that offers a variety of accommodations that are in near proximity to the I-95 corridor.

Make plans now to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event with, family, friends, and neighbors at The Total Eclipse Fest 2017!

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