NOTES: County Council Meeting - June 26, 2017

The June 26, 2017 Calhoun County Council meeting addressed a number of budgetary ordinances to allow the county to appropriate funds and levy taxes to support normal operations for fiscal year 2017-2018. An additional two mills will be levied to operate and maintain the Sandy Run Fire District and 5 mills for Calhoun County Rural Fire District.

The John Ford Community Center renovation project will be on hold for approximately three months pending research into code enforcement concerns addressed by the project architect. These code requirements will force the project to exceed the budget. The John Ford Renovation Committee is actively seeking ways to remain within the limits of funds set aside for this project.

For those who follow our Facebook page you may already know that Reta Westbury, as spokesperson, and other members of the Calhoun County Cares Board and volunteers presented to the County a generous donation of $20,000 for the John Ford Community Center renovation project. While this will not completely fill the gap as addressed above it will go a long way in helping to adequately fund this much needed project.

Deputy Administrator Ted Felder updated Council on a June 21st meeting concerning the SCDHEC Mining Application I-002093, Culclasure Farm Tract, LLC, Calhoun County. This is the application to sand mine on the former Bessinger property which butts up to Horsefeathers Lane. Members from SCDHEC’s mining division, a concerned Horsefeathers Lane resident, Calhoun County Administrator, Lee Pricket, Calhoun County Deputy Administrator, Ted Felder, a Culclasure Farm Tract, LLC representative, and a representative from SCDOT were in attendance. Key take-aways from this meeting are:

  • Zoning in this area does not prohibit mining.

  • SCDHEC will assure that the quality of residents’ wells are not affected by the operation.

  • SCDHEC’s permit does not include the use of Horsefeathers Lane; this is under County jurisdiction.

  • A public meeting will be held on July 20th in the Sandy Run area. Further details to be reported as they become available.

  • Once SCDHEC begins drafting the permit a Public Hearing will be held with at least a 30-day’s notice.

  • Once SCDHEC issues the permit it will be submitted to Calhoun County Planning Commission for review.

More details are available on the operation on SCDHEC’s Public Notice Details Page.

Council approved use of the Water System Construction Budget to complete some projects that have been on hold for various reasons. Specific projects were mentioned; extending the lines on Copperhead Road, a short section of Hwy 601, and several lines in the Sandy Run area. Administration will bundle the projects and seek bids.

Mike Briggs of Central SC Alliance presented to Council the inroads made to place Calhoun County before national and international businesses. Mr Briggs stated that as many as fourteen companies are actively looking at our county to either start or expand their current operations. For more information on the work that Central SC Alliance does to support its nine-member organization visit them by clicking here: Central SC Alliance.

Matt Trentham of Calhoun County Sheriff's Office received approval from Council to pursue the Motorola lease agreement for the 911 radio console in dispatch.

Brandy Roberson, Human Resource Director, requested contract approval for the Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). The new contract will save the county over $600 and will provide improved service for the beneficiaries.

The Council in Executive Session addressed economic development projects.


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