SCDOT Appears Before Calhoun County Council; Church Camp Road Issue Heats Up Discussion

Lyle Davis of South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) presented “SCDOT Ten-Year Plan and New Road Funding” to the Calhoun County Council at the August 28th meeting. The current status of South Carolina’s Transportation System put the state at number one in the nation for fatalities on the road. There are 750 structurally deficient bridges, a number of widening projects that are ten years past due, and 80% of the roadways are in need of repavement.

$800,000,000 will be spent through 2026. The expenditures are planned as follows:

$407m to resurfacing,

$67m to bridges,

$161m to interstate widening,

$50m to Rural Road Safety Program, and

$115m to additional widening after tax credit sunsets.

The 10-year outlook for SC’s transportation system is to see 1000 miles of rural roads with upgraded safety features, 465 new bridges, 140 miles of improved interstates and progress towards reversing 30 years of neglect.

SCDOT is committed to transparency to SC’s tax payers. You can stay up-to-date by visiting the SCDOT Public Involvement Portal at There you will find access to information on SCDOT’s current projects, view the projects via an interactive mapping application, and have easy access to the public meeting calendar.

Chairman David Summers and Calhoun County Administrator Lee Pricket were insistent that SCDOT take action to fix Church Camp Road which has had a washed out section since the 2015 One Thousand Year Flood. SCDOT’s position is that they will not invest funds to repair the road until the owner of the dam fixes the dam to ensure there will be no more instances where overflows washout the road or that the pond is drained. The county maintains that there is no owner of record so no one can be held responsible for fixing the dam. However, the dam is necessary to maintain the integrity of the pond since Fort Motte VFD pumps the pond water when needed to fight fires.

There didn’t seem to be a resolution to the problem of Church Camp Road as SCDOT wrapped up their presentation. However, Samuel Glover, SDOT Commissioner, Sixth Congressional District, encouraged communications with him about Calhoun County’s road problems.

Samuel Glover

SCDOT Commissioner

Sixth Congressional District

South Carolina Department of Transportation

149 Belton Dr

Orangeburg, SC 29118

Cell: 803-596-4151


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