Calhoun County School District Regular Board Meeting

The Calhoun County School District Regular Board Meeting was held Monday, August 28, at 7:30 at the District Office.

Ronald Johnson, uncle; LaQuanna Aiken, mother; and Cynthia Schuler, mother and substitute teacher; addressed their concerns over the high sugar content of school breakfasts to the board. Ms. Aiken was particularly concerned that her child who is on medication to help calm him and give him mental focus was being undermined by the sugars he was receiving at school. Ms. Schuler added that better communications were needed between teachers and substitute teachers concerning children on medications or other health issues.

Ms. Aiken was also upset that the car pick-up line was taking 45 minutes to one hour before she could get her child.

Mr. Johnson, Ms. Aiken and Ms. Schuler were assured that their concerns would be addressed by Dr. Wilson, School Superintendent, and that they would each get a personal response. Dr. Wilson said that a meeting was scheduled for early morning, August 29, to discuss the breakfast foods issues.

Other issues discussed: 2016 financials and approval for J.W. Hunt to audit the financial records for the school district; a few amendments to policy concerning Class Rankings/Grade Point Averages and Advanced College Placement; a Back-to-School Update; and a Facilities Update.

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