Public Comments Range From Ardent Supporter to Staunch Adversary During Council Meeting on Monday, 9

The Calhoun County Council meeting held on Monday, September 25th, featured a nearly two-hour long Public Comment period for residents to express their support or opposition to the county acquiring Calhoun Country Club. Of the 20 residents who addressed the council eight supported the purchase, 8 opposed, and four did not state an actual position.

The common themes for those opposed to the measure were:

  • Government should not bailout failing private enterprise.

  • Concerns over the possibility of tax increases as a result of the purchase.

  • Money is better used to train and equip our sheriff’s department, EMS, and fire departments.

  • Self-sustainability is uncertain

Most of these concerns are addressed in the first video below. This video also goes into more detail on where revenue comes from and how those monies are allocated. It is important to note that though the county will be redirecting much of the [ERROR IN ORIGINAL ARTICLE: $145K] CORRECTED: $184K received by the county from the state's accommodations tax away from its historical usage in general funds it will be replaced by approximately $300,000 in annual revenues from solar farms and new industries.

And those in support of the county purchasing the property:

  • The club’s presence in the county will attract more industry. The county is eligible for:

  • Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (PARD) Grants to support this facility

  • other state and federal grants to support this facility.

  • lower interest rates on tax exempt bonds

  • It will provide needed recreational options for the county’s residents and pull golfers from other counties.

  • The purchase price is approximately 1/3 of the property’s value making it too good to pass up.

Watch the videos for more details.

In this video Attorney Alan Linkous of Howell Linkous & Nettles discusses county plans IF the county acquires Calhoun Country Club.

And this video is a synopsis of the public comments.

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