County's Purchase of Golf Course Passes Council Vote!

Calhoun County Council held a Special Called Meeting on Monday, October 30 ,2017 to vote on a resolution to purchase the facilities currently known as Calhoun Country Club.

Councilman Westbury made a motion to table the Resolution which failed. Councilman Nelson made a motion to put the vote before the residents of Calhoun County which also failed.

The final vote on the Resolution was:

Chairman Summers (District 1) - Yea

Vice Chairman Haigler(District 5) - Yea

Councilman Thornton(District 4) - Yea

Councilman Westbury(District 2) - Nay

Councilman Nelson(District 3) - Nay

Here is video from the meeting complete with Council members’ votes.

Here are the changes to the Resolution:

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