Recognitions for CCDSN, CCEMS & SMPD Employees During Council Meeting 2017-11-13

Several CCEMS members, citizens, and a SMPD officer were recognized at Monday’s, (November 13, 2017) Calhoun County Council Meeting for their efforts during a recent cardiac arrest.

On October 9, 2017 there was a cardiac arrest at the Calhoun County Disability and Special Needs Facility. Lashikalashika Dsh, Felicia Shareef, Alice Williams, and Daniel Gillyard, staff members of the facility, initiated the 911 call, began CPR, and cleared the area for the EMS crews.

Todd Immesberger and Joseph Miles, members of Calhoun County Emergency Management Services, were first to arrived on scene followed shortly by Travis Hall, Crystal Youman, and David Shull, also of CCEMS. This team of professional medics began Advanced Cardiac Life Support upon arrival with each playing a part in getting the patient’s pulse back. From taking over CPR, starting IV access, performing chest compressions, and managing the airway this team of medics performed superbly.

William Britt of the Saint Matthews Police Department responded to the facility as well. CCEMS was very thankful for his assistance in getting the patient loaded into the ambulance and for helping to clear the scene afterwards.

This event serves as a reminder that we all have a role to play when emergencies happen. Being trained in and properly administering CPR can be the difference between life and death for our families, friends, and fellow citizens. Having an emergency management service staffed with highly capable medics who can respond in a crisis is an asset for any locale. Adding our law enforcement officers and firefighters completes a team that can handle any crisis.

Citizen—LEO—EMS—Fire an unbeatable team!

Enjoy the video and thank these folks for their outstanding contributions to our community!

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