Sheriff’s Corner: Summertime Safety

School is almost out! For most children, this means more outdoor activities (swimming, camping, bike riding, etc…) and with the 4th of July celebration, fireworks. For all parents, this means being extra vigilant to keep your child safe and healthy. Here are some tips to keep your child safe this summer.

  • Be mindful of children playing on or near streets now that school is out and stress the importance to your kids of being mindful of traffic.

  • Always make sure that your children wear helmets when riding skateboards or bicycles

  • If you have a pool, make sure it is secure so no one could fall in when not attended

  • Don’t take your eyes off of small children or any child that cannot swim.

  • Always have your child wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket when on the lake or river

  • Take your child to swimming lessons once he or she is four to five years old, the age most kids can learn to swim.

  • If you have a teen that will be driving this summer, express the dangers of texting while driving

A little common sense and vigilance will go a long way this summer to help keep you and your loved ones safe. My office, along with other law enforcement agencies will be conducting safety checks on the highways and waterways throughout the county this summer to help ensure a safe and enjoyable summer.

If you are vacationing out of the county over the summer, please contact my office so we can place your residence on our Property Check watch while you are away.

If you are a parent or member of a civic or community group and would like to learn more information please contact my office at 874-2741.

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