Board election set for Nov. 17 at Tri-County Electric Cooperative


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Board election set for Nov. 17 at Tri-County Electric Cooperative

(ST. MATTHEWS) - Members of Tri-County Electric Cooperative will vote on November 17 to elect a new board of trustees. A total of 1,549 members registered at a special meeting today where the board of trustees of the cooperative was voted out of office. Members also approved new bylaws for the cooperative.

The membership meeting today and the November election grew out of member dissatisfaction with the defeat of the proposed bylaws at the co-op regular annual meeting on May 17, when the bylaws were narrowly defeated by 1,075 to 1,045 votes. Some members complained that they had been given incorrect information about the effect of the new bylaws. Their concerns included traffic congestion and long lines that made voting difficult. Members also criticized annual trustee compensation totals that were higher than those at other electric cooperatives.

Within several weeks of the annual meeting, more than 1,600 members petitioned for a vote to remove the remaining board members. (Three members had resigned on May 17.) The petitions stated the reasons for removal as "exaggerated compensation and mismanagement of Cooperative per diem for Trustees." The ballot question on whether to remove the board passed today by a vote of 1,452 to 30.

Members also voted 1,322 to 155 to approve the same bylaws that were previously defeated but which now will give the cooperative high standards for ethical conduct and good governance, greater member access to run for the board and limits on total trustee compensation.

To become a candidate for the board of trustees in the November 17 election, interested persons must meet the written qualifications listed in the bylaws and must submit an application to become a candidate with the signatures of SO members. The deadline for submitting applications and petitions is September 24.

Candidate applications and petition forms will be available beginning August 24 at the cooperative's headquarters: 6473 Old State Road, St. Matthews, SC.

Qualifications for board candidates are available at

Members will be notified of the details of the November 17 meeting in early November.

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