Let the reader speak!

This is where you, the reader, becomes the writer.  It is the official Calhoun Ledger policy to print your letter as submitted, whenever possible.  


Here are our parameters for opinion pieces/ or letters to the editor:

  • 300 words or less.  We will edit for brevity if necessary.

  • Address specific concerns for Calhoun County residents.

  • Address this publication’s articles, past and present.

  • NO PROFANITY - EVER.  Zero tolerance.

  • Attack the issue not the person.  People and their actions and words can be a part of your piece; but character assassinations may not! 

  • No anonymous letters.  If you won’t put your name on it we won’t publish it nor will we respond.

  • No letters from “blocked replies” e-mail addresses will be published.


Your letters must contain:

  • Your e-mail address.

  • Your name.

  • The community in which you live.

We will only print your first name.

e-mail your "Letter to the Editor" to:  calhounledger@gmail.com


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